New World Folks

Hey, hey hurray!

I really, really need to apologize for my absence here on the blog, my life just turned upside down (not in a bad way), so that’s why I vanished as quickly as I appeared 😀 . I hope you guys will understand. Fingers crossed for us to be able to spend some quality time together from now on 😉 .

Another announcement that I have is that, from now on, all my articles will be posted in English. “Why ?!?” you ask… because I moved to Canada and, funny thing :)) , in order to be understood here, I need to speak either English or French… it seems like Canadians do not speak Romanian… what a shock, right ? :)) .

Very soon it will be 2 months since I moved here and after these 2 difficult months, I think I can get back to blogging. I am that type of person that loves to stay in her “comfort zone”, so I don’t handle very well changes like these. For me, leaving my family and my work at the hospital behind was awful, but life is tough and sometimes you need to make these kind of decisions, that’s what I’ve learned 😉 . Anyway, I am getting through, hopefully. I am trying every single day not to make my husband go insane due to all my complaining, and it seems that I am on the right track, at least once every couple of days. 🙂

I am totally opened to talk about all the steps that got me into this friendly new world, so if you have questions about immigration or accommodation or any other thing related to this topic, please leave a comment below !

To conclude with an optimistic vibe, I have yet another announcement that makes me very happy and that is… Pam Pam Pam… starting with August, I will be making YouTube videos about this precise topic and many others.

Kisses for all of you and… now I really can say this… see you soon on YouTube 😉 !

Oh… almost forgot, I left here some photos which were taken here in Canada, hope you will enjoy 😀 !



Mural Festival








Old Port Montréal